Conrad's summary CV

Curriculum vitae ofConrad John Toussaint Edwards MA
Current appointmentsConsultant, Polymath Consulting NZ
 Principal Market Development Architect, System Operator, Transpower
NationalityCitizen of New Zealand and the United Kingdom
HomeTitahi Bay, Porirua, New Zealand

Key skillsElectricity and gas market design
 Analytical support to decision making
 Transmission development and regulation
 Management of project and product design
 Leadership of professional and technical teams
 Conduct and management of reviews and reports
 Communication of complex systems and concepts
 Technical skills in quantitative and qualitative analysis

Career path, in reverse

Polymath Consulting, Wellington, New Zealand

I established Polymath Consulting in 2012 while retaining my position in Transpower:

Transpower, Wellington, New Zealand

Since 1998 I have performed a succession of senior roles within Transpower, which is the transmission grid owner and for New Zealand, in both of those business areas. These have included both senior management, principal advisor and projhect director. All these roles have included elements of team leadership, project management, internal consultancy and being a champion of improvement. Examples of my responsibilities and achievements include:

In effect, I am Transpower's senior internal consultant on market issues and the 'make it happen' person for difficult projects.

Goverment Energy Policy , Wellington, New Zealand

From 1994 to 1998 I managed New Zealand's energy modelling and statistics unit, as part of the Energy Policy Group of the then Ministry of Commerce, now MBIE. In that position, which involved extensive consultation with other government departments, industry and international organisations, my responsibilities and achievements included:

Ministry of Defence NZ, Wellington, New Zealand

In 1989 I was recruited from Europe to establish and head New Zealand's defence operational research effort, which was being re-formed after a six-year hiatus. In a period of considerable change in organisational structure and in New Zealand's strategic and resource environment, my accomplishments included:

NATO's SHAPE Technical Centre, The Hague, The Netherlands

From 1986 to 1989 I was seconded as a senior scientist to the operational research division of NATO's SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) Technical Centre (now NCIA). I was responsible for the development and promulgation of Allied Command Europe's land, sea and air ammunition stockpile guidance, which is of considerable operational and financial consequence to member nations. My key achievements were:

Ministry of Defence UK, Fort Halstead, Kent, England

From 1981 to 1986 I was appointed to progressively higher grades of scientific officer in the principal land forces research establishment of the British Ministry of Defence. My key responsibilities and achievements were:

St. John's College, Cambridge, England

From 1978 to 1981, I read mathematics, operational research and economics at Cambridge University, achieving a Bachelor of Arts (honours) which led to a Master of Arts. The focus of my academic interest and expertise is on practical applications of scientific and economic methods to support decision making, and in particular:

General attributes

ApproachI am results-oriented, a conceptual thinker, an optimist, and an achiever. I believe in the pursuit of excellence, a multi-disciplinary approach and teamwork. I am self-disciplined, objective and adaptable.
ConsultationMy work has required extensive consultation and coordination with customers, industry and government departments, and with academics, scientists, economists, engineers, technicians and consultants, both nationally and internationally. I have been successful at steering group decision-making.
PresentationI can present myself and represent the organisation well, in person and in writing. I am particularly skilled at presenting complex ideas simply, both verbally and pictorially.
PublicationI have published many internal and external departmental and corporate reports, as well as being lead author of numerous Board, Cabinet and other policy papers, and many formal submissions by Transpower on policy issues. I maintain a high standard not only of analytic content but also of language and presentation. I am familiar with and exploit web-based information technologies.
Computer literacyHaving used computers and studied numerical methods extensively, I am a power user of Word, Excel and Visio, and a variety of other packages. I am experienced also in developing and applying both simple and complex simulation and optimisation models.
TrainingI have attended courses in a variety of technical, economic, econometric, managerial, financial and presentational skills.
Other interestsI read extensively in work-related areas, as well as the sciences generally. I am a keen photographer. For about ten years I was a patrol commander in the British Army's 21 SAS, which was quite an experience.
HealthI have excellent health, enjoying running, tramping and cycling. I am an experienced and active expedition sea kayaker, having paddled over 10,000 Km of tropical, temperate and arctic coasts. I run a school in the martial art and philosophy of aikido, and am a practitioner in the Feldenkrais Method.

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